Information: Preventive protocol on Coronavirus and early closure of Season 2019-2020 for passengers

Navimag Ferries reports that in the context of the situation the world is experiencing due to the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, and consistent with the principles that govern our company, in which the safety and well-being of passengers - mostly foreigners - and crew It is a priority, developing routes through Patagonia with navigation spaces, which are characterized by being remote and without immediate urban connection, we have decided to implement a preventive procedure giving early closure to the 2019-2020 Passenger’s Season from March 15th , being our last trip from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt with the departure date of March 14, 2020.

Those who have tickets with a departure date from March 15 to April 15th of 2020, will be fully reimbursed for their travel ticket purchased at Navimag:

  • - Those passengers who have tickets purchased directly to Navimag Ferries, please contact us at
  • - If you purchased your ticket with a travel agency, please approach it to manage the return.

For those who have trips with us until this appointed day, the protocol indicated below will apply, subject to eventual changes if the health and maritime authorities update the indications that correspond to us as a national transport company by sea:

a) All passengers must complete, before boarding, the affidavit indicated by the Chilean Ministry of Health as necessary. Navimag Ferries staff will guide you with any questions you may have in this regard and will provide the relevant information with the processes.

b) Those who have traveled, visited or transited in countries - including airports - of sustained contagion of COVID-19, during the last 15 days and present symptoms of the disease, may not board the ferry.

c) Any passenger who has been denied boarding will be reimbursed the full value of the ticket purchased at Navimag.

d) If any passenger manifests symptoms of any respiratory illness while on the ship, it will be evaluated by the ship's personnel and may be subject to isolation and disembarkation.

e) Passengers from countries that have transit restrictions and that cannot travel to Chile, will be reimbursed all of their purchased ticket at Navimag.

Regarding the preventive care plans for the Coronavirus COVID-19 in our fleet, we confirm that:

a) The routes carried out by our ships are near the coast in the southern zone of Chile, with no geographic contact with countries of sustained contagion of COVID-19.

b) Our crew performs their work on the routes that our ships do. Therefore, in this role, his work is limited to that indicated in the previous point. However, it is under permanent medical evaluation, to prevent and protect the health of our passengers and those who are on the ship.

c) We have implemented special disinfection and cleaning protocols applied to all our trips, which have been added to the traditional maintenance programs that we have.

We thank all our passengers and clients for supporting the decision that Navimag Ferries has taken, in the search for a superior preventive good in an event of majeure force.