Exploring Patagonia | Navimag Privacy Policy


At Navimag Ferries S.A. we undertake to protect the privacy of the data collected by Navimag.com from our clients and also guarantee to maintain a deservedly unique relationship with them.

What information does Navimag.com collect and how do we use it?
Navimag.com collects information about visits to our site, such as number of visits, pages visited, time of connection, internet service provider, type of browser used, etc. This data allows Navimag.com to tailor its product to the needs and requirements of its clients.

When you send us an email, we store the content of your email as well as your email address, so that we can handle the detail of our communication with you and have on record the history of our communication. When you purchase via Navimag.com you will be asked to provide the following information:

• Name
• Nationality
• Address
• Town and Country
• Contact Phone Number.
• E-mail
• Date of Birth
• Passport Number

The above data is used by Navimag.com to process your transaction in the appropriate manner. In addition, we may use this information to advise or warn you about possible last minute changes to your travel plan.

Your credit card details are not stored on our servers and are used only at the time of purchase.

Do Navimag.com share information with third parties?
No. Navimag.com do not share or supply personal information about any of our customers. We only use information given to us by our customers, so that they can receive goods and services as well as any specific information they have requested.