Discover our new ferry! 

From 2022

For your convenience and to improve the experience we offer while sailing the route to the Patagonian Fjords, Navimag is in the process of building a new ferry, which will be named "Esperanza".

This powerful and modern ship will be sailing through southern waters starting in the 2022 season.

The vessel will be able to carry more than 244 passengers on board. Amenities will include a coffee shop, dining room, activities room, nurses station, three decks, and a cabin for passengers that have mobility impairments.

Rates 2020-2021 Ferry Esperanza*

 *Rates subject to changes/Rates per person and per section/Rates do not include boarding fee of USD 10 per person
CamasBed CabinasCabinas CabinaCabin name SingleSingle DobleDouble TripleTriple CuádrupleQuadruple 
1 1 Premium Suite 2800 USD 1400 USD    
2 2 AAA 1800 USD 930 USD    
4 26 AA 1800 USD 930 USD 670 USD 550 USD
4 6 A 1400 USD 700 USD 620 USD 530 USD
6 2 CC       480 USD
8 12 CC       480 USD
2 1 Differently abled 1400 USD 700 USD    

See you in 2022!



All the rooms that you can find in our new Ferry
CabinasCabin CamasBed VentanasWindow BañosToilet
Premium Suite 2 plazas Panoramic Private
AAA 2 plazas Yes Private
AA 4 plazas Yes Private
A 4 plazas No Private
CC 6 plazas No Private
CC 8 plazas No Private
Reduced mobility 2 plazas Yes Private


Facilities Map

We are proud to present Esperanza, our new Ferry designed and built especially for Navimag. Its habitability is adapted for more than 244 passengers on board and will have a cafeteria, dining room, activity room, infirmary, 3 exterior decks and a cabin for passengers with different capacities. Come to know the Route of the Patagonian fjords with a comfort that will improve the experience of knowing unique landscapes, native flora and fauna, snow-capped volcanoes that only Patagonia can deliver.

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