March 14 2019

A couple of slow travelers' experience traveling Patagonia by ferry


Are you planning to travel around Patagonia? Looking for advice and tips from other travelers?

Gabriella Hummel (28) and Sandro Alvarez (39) are a Swiss couple who spent more than two years traveling around the American continent and ended their journey in Patagonia. They shared their advice and opinions on enjoying this beautiful destination thoroughly by traveling the Patagonian Fjords ferry route with Navimag.

Gabriella and Sandro are "slow travelers," meaning they take the necessary time to enjoy each place they visit and to meet locals. 

This way, they spent more than two years traveling around the American continent with "Luz," an old van that they turned into their home on the road.

The last part of their journey took them to Chile –the world's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination in 2021– from where they started a long road trip through Patagonia. They provided the best tips to make the most of this incredible destination.

The attractions of traveling by ferry

Gabriella: "One of the best things about traveling by ferry through the fjords was seeing the whales and many dolphins. It was beautiful. We had a lot of luck, although the weather wasn't perfect."

Sandro: "The ferry journey allowed us to relax and disconnect."

Gabriella: "I also liked the people. The guides were always very attentive, and we loved the food. We are vegans, so it's always a little tricky, but it was great because they had alternatives for us. I liked the fact the boat wasn't new because it had character, its own history."

Tips for enjoying ferry activities

Gabriella: "I liked the talks about animals and the route we were taking. It was also fun to play bingo, visit the captain on the bridge, and, of course, to practice yoga."

Sandro: "If you take the ferry, I recommend taking motion-sickness tablets. Also, a warm jacket for the wind because it's a little cold sometimes, and books to take advantage of the time and peacefulness to read."

Road trip in Patagonia

Sandro: "Traveling with your home and bed gives you more flexibility and freedom. You can stay wherever you want. That's what we wanted, and we thought the most straightforward way was to buy a van. But in large cities, we usually leave the van. It's easier to park it and stay in hostels.

Differences between Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia

Gabriella: I preferred Chilean Patagonia, the Carretera Austral (Southern Highway) for driving. There is nothing in that area on the Argentine side, only pampa. But I also loved the area around Bariloche with the lakes. It's beautiful!

Unfortunately, we didn't go to the Torres del Paine National Park because the weather was awful. That's why we want to return. We were also in El Chaltén and couldn't see Monte Fitz Roy for the same reason. But we're planning to go back.

Fancy a road trip?

Traveling the Patagonia ferry trip helps travelers know this destination more profoundly, according to this Swiss couple who spent around six months traveling between Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.

Sailing the Patagonian fjords between the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales gave them the chance to see the region from a perspective that would have been impossible by any other means of transport. Moreover, they could take their van, their home throughout this journey, onboard the ferry.

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