January 30 2018

What to bring to Patagonia


Now that you know how to plan a trip to Patagonia, now it’s time to organise what to take with you in your luggage.

Weather in Patagonia changes unexpectedly. You should prepare to enjoy this adventure in any context. There are many travel items and clothing that will make your visit pleasanter.

In this blog, we will tell you what to bring to Patagonia to make your trip a memorable one. The idea is that you don't miss a thing because you are not prepared!


The first thing you must do is determine how you’ll carry your items. If you want adventure, you’d better leave the suitcase at home. A backpack is better for these types of routes. In southern Chile, you will find all sorts of accommodation, and we are sure you’ll want to do some hiking. Read here about some of the most amazing hiking trails in Chilean Patagonia.

It is vital that you wear a waterproof jacket, so to stay dry inside even if rain pours down.

Be careful with how much weight you carry, because the idea is that you move around comfortably. We suggest you only take what’s essential; you’ll thank us after hours of walking! 


As for clothing, the best thing is to dress in layers. That way, you quickly warm up or can take off pieces of clothing when necessary.

For example, first layers help you conserve heat. Also, don't forget to bring short sleeve t-shirt, in case it starts to get warm. If otherwise, keep a polar jacket, parka, and a wind jacket at hand.

With strong winds and rains being so common in Patagonia, you will appreciate having clothing that dries fast and is waterproof.

3-Sun protection

Sunlight in Patagonia can also be intense. Some essential items for your backpack are sunscreen, sunglasses with UV filter, and a hat. You'll probably be exposed to the sun for many hours, so avoid sunburns.

We recommend you also carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated at all times.


In case of rain, wear gloves for the cold and water gloves. Also, water layers are useful when there’s not so much wind.

Rain or shine, protect yourself with neck buffs or collars, they make an excellent alternative.

Trekking poles or hiking staffs will help you probe the ground. They also help you keep balance, prevent falls, and care for joints, as they distribute the weight between arms and legs. There are many benefits associated with using these tools while hiking. 

5- Shoes

Shoes are an essential item in your luggage for Patagonia. If you want to feel comfortable, your hiking shoes must be waterproof.

In case they are new, we recommend you wear them at least one month before you travel, so your feet adjust to them. If you are going to buy them, look at details like toughness and ankle support.

Your feet are your primary support for your adventures, so you must take care of them; here are a few tips for you to choose the right fit. 

6- Other essentials

Landscapes in Patagonia are unique, and it would be a pity that you miss out taking pictures on your phone is out of battery.

An external battery is a solution to this problem for trails like Torres del Paine or Dientes de Navarino, where there’s no electricity available nearby.

Other useful items are a tool knife and a first aid kit.


Visiting Patagonia means travelling to adventure, and you should prepare for everything; a lot of rain, high winds, or extreme heat.

At all events, if you gear up properly for all events, you’ll be able to enjoy all the wonders of the south of Chile without problem. So make sure you take note of all the essential items to take to Patagonia!

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