February 01 2022

6 factors to keep in mind when traveling Patagonia by ferry


Traveling Patagonia by ferry is a unique and authentic experience with certain characteristics that you must know before booking your trip.

In case you are planning your first or next trip to the southernmost part of the world and are interested in crossing by ferry, there are certain peculiarities of sailing onboard a cargo and passenger ferry.

Based on our experience offering the Patagonian Fjords ferry service in Patagonia, here are 6 factors that you should keep in mind to safely assess if traveling by ferry is what you are looking for.

1. You get to know unique and unexplored landscapes

When traveling on the Patagonia ferry, you have the opportunity to sail for 4 days and 4 nights if you leave from Puerto Montt (or 4 nights 3 days if you depart from Puerto Natales) through the Patagonian channels and fjords.

It is a unique scenic route with incredible natural attractions that you can only access by sea, thus hardly appearing in standard travel guides. Interests include twisty channels, watching volcanos like the Corcovado from the water, crossing the challenging Gulf of Sorrows, and bordering the coast of uninhabited national parks like the Corcovado, Isla Magdalena, and Bernardo O'Higgins.

2. You meet other people

There's a unique social dynamic on board our Esperanza ferry, in which passengers share conversations, meals, games, and experiences with local people and with other travelers who travel to Patagonia from different parts of the world.

The opportunity to meet, share and learn from such diverse people is one of the aspects that those who travel on the Esperanza ferry appreciate the most.

3. You live a local experience

You travel like a local on the ferry between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales, or vice versa. You experience the daily life on the boat, where passengers talk about the culture of Patagonia, traditions, food, and events that take place at different times of the year.

In addition, once on land, for example in Puerto Natales, you will be in the middle of the southern tip of Patagonia and able to visit some local favorites like Lago Blanco, the Strait of Magellan Park, the San Isidro lighthouse, and the Blue Lagoon.

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4. There's no internet

Internet and telephone signals do not exist, so you must be totally willing to disconnect from technology during the 4-days voyage, enjoying the present and the landscapes.

5. It is a slow trip

Traveling by ferry takes its time, turning it into a quiet, contemplative trip, where the most important goal is to enjoy the beautiful sights of Patagonia rather than arriving quickly at your destination.

In addition, the Esperanza ferry is not a cruise nor a luxury boat. But it is a comfortable trip. You will rest without problems in your private cabin, all your meals are included, and there are activities and spaces destined exclusively for tourists.

6. You experience the southern climate

You should know that the weather conditions are unpredictable and extreme in Patagonia; you can sun and rain, even storms, on the same day.

Given this, it is essential that you keep a flexible itinerary, in case of delays due to weather, and that you include in your luggage:

  • Layered clothing, with garments that keep you warm but also dry quickly.
  • Trekking shoes for touring the main attractions in the area.
  • Toiletries, a book, and a first aid kit (there is an infirmary on board the ferry)

Have the trip you really dream of!

Choosing the Patagonian Fjords ferry trip is ideal for an authentic travel experience. You'll appreciate the local wildlife, share stories with other travelers, and learn about Patagonia's culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

It is an experience that will stay forever in your memory and allow you to disconnect and rest like no other trip.

6 requirements to board the Esperanza ferry

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