January 11 2022

Magdalena Island: a can't-miss on your trip in Patagonia


Visiting Magdalena Island is a can´t-miss experience for EVERY person looking for a different trip in this remote destination. Learn how to incorporate this tour in your travel itinerary aboard our ferry Esperanza. There are two ways you can connect the Magdalena Island tour with the Navimag ferry:

1) After traveling the Puerto Montt-Puerto Natales route. Once you reach Puerto Natales, you travel to Punta Arenas by land and cross to Magdalena Island by boat.

2) Before traveling the Patagonian Fjords, on a journey that can either start on route 40 (Argentina) and connect with routes 255 or 9 (Chile), or begin by plane from Santiago or Buenos Aires to Punta Arenas, from where you cross to Magdalena Island by boa. After that, you travel by land to Puerto Natales to take the ferry.

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Attractions of the Magdalena Island tour

Magdalena Island is part, along with Marta Island, of a protected area known as Los Pingüinos Natural Monument; named precisely that because of the Magellanic penguins that inhabit the area.

The island is located 35 km from Punta Arenas, the southernmost continental city globally. You can access it on small boats that sail from its port.

Navigating the Strait of Magellan

This is the natural route between the Pacific and Antarctic oceans; its coasts are formed by the southern tip of Chile and Tierra del Fuego Island.

When sailing through these inter-oceanic waters, you'll be able to contemplate beautiful landscapes of exuberant vegetation where the Magellanic Coigüe, the Ñirre, and the Lenga predominate.

You can also find marine species in its waters, such as the Humpback whale, the White dolphin or "tonina," sea lions, and the Thin-skinned seal. In the sky, travelers enjoy the beauty of Black-browed albatrosses, skuas, terns, cormorants, and Dominican gulls.

Arrival at Magdalena Island

After 90 minutes of navigation, you arrive at this unique natural and historical monument in the world. You can stay a maximum of 1 hour, enough time to enjoy walking with the friendly Magellanic penguins.

Although there is a sidewalk that delimits the walking area without disturbing the penguins, it is common for some of them to approach visitors, according to National Geographic.

The Magdalena lighthouse

According to Chile's National Monuments Council, in the center of the island is an old lighthouse, which is considered a Historic Monument.

It was inaugurated in 1902. It has a cylindrical tower 13.5 meters high and spaces that today serve as offices of the National Forestry Commission (CONAF), the government agency that manages this protected area.

This walk combines fantastic views, history, and nature. It is also one of the many beautiful panoramas and activities to do in Patagonia.

History and natural beauty

No trip to Patagonia is complete without visiting the magical Magdalena Island. Whether before or after crossing the Patagonian Fjords aboard our Esperanza ferry, this tour is the ideal complement if you are looking to connect with the local wildlife safely and respectfully.

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