April 24 2018

Traveling Patagonia by ferry: The Navimag Experience


There’s nothing more authentic than traveling the Patagonian Fjords as you sail on board the Esperanza ferry. This is the Navimag experience!


You can find a lot of information about the imposing Torres del Paine blue peaks or the wondrous experience that sailing around the Marble Cathedral is.

Granted, their beauty is undeniable.

However, other corners in Patagonia are equally marvelous and also reflect all the majesty of the austral south. These are places that very few people have the privilege of knowing.

If you are looking to make Patagonia your own, this is probably the experience you need. How can you see natural treasures that seldom appear in travel guides?

Travel at your own pace

The Patagonian Fjords ferry route from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales by Navimag Ferries is one of those trips that require you to take a deep breath and indulge in peace.

It consists of four days disconnected from the outside world aboard the Esperanza ferry. The number of days that this route takes is a unique opportunity for you to connect with nature and have the luxury to spend the afternoons watching the rainbows that form over the islets or imagining the adventures of the indigenous groups in the area, such as the Kawéskar.

Perhaps, you will make friends while watching dolphins jump around the ship from any of the 3 decks while listening to the stories of old abandoned ships in the middle of nowhere.

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What's the route like?

In addition to the local experience, this ferry offers a stunning itinerary. If you travel from Puerto Montt, it all begins in the Reloncaví Sound; channels go deeper and narrower from there, the climate is unpredictable, and the fauna wilder. There, every day is different.

The landscape includes the Melimoyu Volcano and its snowy peak; the Gulf of Sorrows, where it is possible to watch humpback whales; the Taitao peninsula and its impetuous waters; and, the narrow White Strait (Angostura White), which is only 80 meters wide.

Ready to plan your trip right away? Check out these tips.

6 requirements to board the Esperanza ferry

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