April 24 2018

Traveling to Patagonia: The Navimag Experience


In a tour of Patagonia, there’s probably nothing more pristine and breathtaking than the landscapes crossed by the Path of the Chilean fjords.

There's a lot about how imposing Torres del Paine is or what a wondrous experience that sailing around Marble Cathedral makes.

Granted; their beauty is undeniable.

However, other corners in Patagonia are equally marvelous and also reflect all the majesty of the south of Chile.



These are places that very few people have the privilege of knowing.

If you are looking to make Patagonia your own, this is probably the adventure you need.

Even more, what better way to enjoy the journey to a destination while discovering natural treasures that seldom appear in travel guides?


Slow travel

The Navimag ferry journey from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales is one of those trips that require you to take a deep breath and indulge in peace. It consists of four days disconnected from the outside world aboard the "Evangelistas," a ship 23 meters wide and 124 long with capacity for 90 passengers.

There’s so much to see in Patagonia that time always runs short. What is more likely, by the time you land your itinerary will be tight, and you will have little time to sit to contemplate the landscapes at the end of the world.

However, at a speed of 10 knots (18 kilometers per hour), the Navimag ferry offers you the opportunity to enjoy it all at a slower pace.

The number of days that this route takes are a unique opportunity for you to connect with nature and have the luxury to spend the afternoons watching the rainbows that form over the islets or imagining the adventures of the indigenous groups in the area, such as the Kawéskar.

Perhaps, you will make friends while playing in a giant chess set or while listening to the stories of old abandoned ships in the middle of nowhere.

Most of the navigation will take you through national parks where no one dwells in, except in Puerto Eden; the only town 650 kilometers around.

This magical place located to the south of the Gulf of Sorrows is home to no more than 200 souls. Here, the "Evangelistas" stops essentially to leave or load cargo.

And it’s this mixture of local activities and tourism that makes the Navimag Experience so charming.

Especially now, given the growing importance of the local experience in tourism. According to a survey by, "living like a local" will be a trend that will leave a mark in 2018.


The route

In addition to the local experience, this ferry from the 1970s offers a stunning itinerary.

It all begins in the Reloncaví Sound; channels go deeper and narrower from there, the climate is unpredictable, and the fauna wilder. There, every day is different.

The landscape includes the Melimoyu Volcano and its snowy peak; the Gulf of Sorrows, where it is possible to watch humpback whales; the Taitao peninsula and its impetuous waters; and, the White strait, which is only 80 meters wide.

If you are planning to travel to Patagonia and you want to know more about this incredible experience, watch this feature that Chilean TV network Canal 13 did on the fjords on board a Navimag ferry.

And if you want to begin to plan your trip right away, check out these tips.

Explore Patagonia by Ferry

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