August 17 2018

Traveling solo in Torres del Paine


Many world rankings draw attention to Torres del Paine as the perfect destination for people who travel alone.

Why? Here are what some specialist tourism media say and their reasons for positioning this natural wonder as the ideal outdoor destination in recent years.

If you are planning solo travel, Torres del Paine is a great alternative. Aspects such as the country’s safety or the national park’s facilities have led media worldwide to reference this destination in their publications.

Regarding Chile, the Travel and Leisure ranking placed the country in seventh place for solo travelers. The publication highlighted its safety and the friendliness of locals, especially in destinations such as San Pedro de Atacama and Patagonia.

Meanwhile, the Oyster collaborative travel blog put Chile third in its ranking of the safest destinations in Latin America. It also emphasized the full range of outdoor adventures, in addition to the country’s prosperity and stability. Likewise, the blog said that due to its geography, Chile is a place where you can find a little bit of everything, from the world’s driest desert to the southernmost hiking trails.

Meanwhile, Spanish newspaper El País’s travel blog put Torres del Paine in first place in its ranking of the best trails for solo travelers. Among other aspects, it highlighted the infrastructure and the beautiful landscape.

"The camping options go from shelters such as the one on Dickson Lake, which has hot showers, electricity and the possibility of a hot meal, to a simple meadow where you can pitch your tent," said El País.  

Also, renowned travel and nature magazine National Geographic ranked Torres del Paine as the fifth most beautiful place in the world. "No human-made tower has the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Torres del Paine massif," the publication said.

Not long after, the prestigious online newspaper Huffington Post ranked Torres del Paine in spot number 18 in a list of the planet’s most beautiful national parks due to its breathtaking expanse of wilderness in the middle of Chilean Patagonia, where spectacles such as the iconic Paine Horn peaks or glaciers give visitors an unbeatable experience.



Major international tourism magazines have named Torres del Paine as the ideal destination for solo travel.

What are you waiting for? It’s a great alternative, mainly due to the country’s stability and safety, which makes it easier to enjoy the magical landscape.

What’s more, there are many ways of making the trip, from pitching a tent to sleeping in well-equipped shelters where it is easy to meet other travelers. So don’t put it off any longer and organize your trip to Torres del Paine following these tips.

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