September 12 2018

Traveling by motorcycle through Chilean Patagonia


Traveling by motorcycle is a challenge at the best of times but even more so if the destination is southern Chile (or the end of the world). In this case, you need to take into account inclement weather, poor road conditions, lack of services and vast distances between cities, among others.

Although you have to be more prepared to make this trip, thousands of travelers prefer exploring an area this way.


What attracts motorcyclists to experience this adventure?

How can one prepare for a motorcycle trip? Motorcycle expert Hagai Yardeny gave GQ magazine several tips including being reasonable with the luggage, studying the weather beforehand to avoid surprises, and finding a reliable bike rental place.

But when it comes to Chilean Patagonia, you should take twice as much care. All the same, there are several ways to make a trip on a motorcycle; you can organize it independently or leave everything in the hands of expert agencies.

One of Chilean Patagonia’s must-see spots is Torres del Paine. So if you want to get there from the cities of Santiago or Puerto Montt you will have to travel long distances and, on many routes, you’ll have to take a ferry to cross fjords and channels.


From Portland to Tierra del Fuego

On their first date, US citizens Tara and Ernie talked about traveling to Patagonia by motorcycle. Sometime later they did. They toured from the city of Portland, Oregon, to the region of Tierra del Fuego to see the Magellanic penguins.

The Navimag ferry was one of the highlights of their trip. It allowed them to rest and see landscapes they would never have seen on another route.

What was the experience like? Why did you want to discover Chilean Patagonia in this way?



There are many ways to discover Patagonia. For those who ride a motorcycle, this destination is a great alternative to experience the freedom that travel gives and to enjoy nature.

If you are worried about distances and getting tired halfway, sailing on a Navimag ferry allows you to rest while continuing on your journey.

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