July 12 2021

Is it safe to travel to Chilean Patagonia in 2022?


Chilean Patagonia is a favorite destination when it comes to planning long vacations. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is uncertainty regarding when Chile will formally open its frontiers to tourism.

Here's what we can tell you about traveling to Chilean Patagonia in 2021 so far. And in the event that the borders are reopened, which attractions to visit where you can keep social distancing.

When will it be possible to travel to Chilean Patagonia?

The current situation in Chilean Patagonia right now is intermittent. Communes that host most of the attractions in Patagonia like Aysén, Coyhaique, and Torres del Paine are open for local and foreign visitors provided they meet the sanitary requirements. 

However, as you plan your trip, make sure to know in which commune your destination is and the stage it's at by the time you travel

In any case, since November 2021 the government is allowing foreign travelers into the country provided they are:

  1. Fully vaccinated
  2. Offer proof of vaccination status prior to boarding an airplane to  Chile.

Is Patagonia a safe place to travel?

In November 2021, Chile eased most pandemic restrictions as more than 80% of its population had been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The government allowed travel within the country. However, kept its borders closed for the time being. You can check for updates on these restrictions here.

Nonetheless, Chilean Patagonia is a vast territory with long distances between attractions, making it an ideal destination for travelers who want to keep social distancing.

Granted, once you get here, you will have to follow sanitary protocols, like wearing face masks in public spaces, keeping a physical distance of at least one meter, and constantly cleaning your hands and disinfecting your clothes and surfaces.

These protocols extend to all areas in tourism, including hotels, restaurants, ski resorts, and national parks. 

What will be the requirements once it's safe to travel to Chile?

The Ministry of Health is requesting passengers arriving in Chile to present:

  • A sworn declaration form (Pasaporte Sanitario), completed before entry. The form is available at This will generate a QR-code by separate email, which must be shown at entry.
  • A negative PCR test (rapid tests are not acceptable), the sample must be taken not more than 72 hours before boarding the final flight into Santiago
  • Passengers that are not residents in Chile must have proof of vaccination validated by the Chilean authorities prior to travel.
    • Apply online to have your vaccination validated and receive a Chilean “Pase de Movilidad” (Mobility pass) by visiting 
    • Apply for a mobility pass if you have received only your primary schedule of vaccination OR with a primary schedule of vaccination plus booster dose. This could be subject to change at short notice.
  • Visitors that are not citizens or residents of Chile and are not vaccinated, including children over 6, are not permitted to enter Chile, unless they fall under the list of exemptions listed in Decree 102.
  • Starting in December 1, 2021, all children younger than 6 years old may enter Chile, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Passengers that are not residents in Chile must also show evidence of health or travel insurance that covers COVID-related medical care up to a minimum of US$ 30,000 for the duration of your visit. Failure to produce this may result in your refusal to enter the country.
  • Passengers that are citizens or residents of Chile can enter without a Pase de Movilidad but will be subject to longer quarantine periods.
Where is it safe to visit?

Here are 3 top attractions that we recommend because they help you keep social distancing and don't draw large crowds:

Torres del Paine

This national park is known for its mountains and wildlife, and it's a must-see, especially if it is your first trip to Patagonia. Check its website for updates regarding opening dates, prices, and schedules.

Southern Highway

With a length of 1240 kilometers, the Carretera Austral runs through mountains and lakes. Riding or driving along the way, you can stop at some national parks such as Pumalín and Queulat.

Marble Chapel

This national monument is surrounded by turquoise waters. It's a Patagonian landmark made up of a series of caverns eroded by the waters of Lake General Carrera. It's a hard place reachable only by boat, so a limited number of people are allowed in.

Chilean Patagonia is safe for you

This destination hosts attractions where you can keep social distancing and live a safe, wonderful experience.

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