Trips and attractions in Patagonia that will leave you open-mouthed

Do you want to get the best impression of Patagonia? If that’s the case, on one of these trips you’ll be able to see its impressive attractions, fall under the spell of its beauty and want to go back for more.

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March 14 2019

A couple of slow travelers' experience traveling Patagonia by ferry

Are you planning to travel around Patagonia? Looking for advice and tips from other travelers? Gabriella Hummel (28) and Sandro Alvarez (39) are a Swiss couple who spent more than two years traveling around the American continent and ended their journey in Patagonia. They shared their advice and ...

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August 17 2018

Traveling solo in Torres del Paine

Many world rankings draw attention to Torres del Paine as the perfect destination for people who travel alone. Why? Here are what some specialist tourism media say and their reasons for positioning this natural wonder as the ideal outdoor destination in recent years.

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August 16 2018

Already visited Patagonia? Here are 5 reasons for you to return!

If you've been lucky enough to visit southern Chile, you should feel really privileged.

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Your Guide To Living Patagonia like a local

Want to live Patagonia at its fullest on your next trip? Then, go local.

All cities and destinations in Chilean Patagonia have hidden secrets. You could be one of the few lucky tourists to discover them.