What to do on a holiday in the south and Chilean Patagonia

Long weekends are an opportunity to travel and discover new places. According to the figures provided by SERNATUR; 57.63% of the trips that are made annually in Chile correspond to departures in "low season" and holidays. That is why we have prepared a complete guide to the attractions in southern ...

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January 10 2023

Tips for photographing in Chilean Patagonia.

Chilean Patagonia is an unmissable destination for lovers of nature and photography: the mix of mountains, fauna and colors in the sky form the perfect setting to immortalize with your camera. For this reason, we have prepared a list of tips for you to plan your stay according to your photographic ...

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December 13 2022

The 4 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Chilean Patagonia

The best way to get to know the biodiversity of this southernmost destination is to visit its rich UNESCO biosphere reserves.

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December 06 2022

Prehistoric discoveries in Chilean Patagonia you’ll want to visit

Patagonia is not only a place of myths and legends. It is also home to some of the world's most important paleontological and prehistoric discoveries!

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Your Guide To Living Patagonia like a local

Want to live Patagonia at its fullest on your next trip? Then, go local.

All cities and destinations in Chilean Patagonia have hidden secrets. You could be one of the few lucky tourists to discover them.