Traveling to Chilean Patagonia during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic indeed marked a before and after for travel worldwide. It is also true that traveling to Chilean Patagonia already had its complexities. Did things change with the pandemic? In general, the situation added new requisites to reach this remote destination. We explain what it ...

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January 02 2019

Tips for traveling solo in Patagonia - Video

In the following video, we provide four tips to make your solo trip to Patagonia a memorable adventure, because details such as where to stay or when to schedule your arrival times could make you feel safer and supported.

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December 28 2018

Five musts-see places in Patagonia

There are countless attractions to discover the southernmost region in Chile. So it’s only natural to feel a little overwhelmed when planning your trip. Where to start? What are the must-sees? This video shows some highlights of this magical destination.

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October 17 2018

Tips for traveling alone in Patagonia

Where to stay? What to do? What to look out for? These are the basic tips to keep in mind when planning your trip to Patagonia to ensure that it’s a memorable experience.  

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Your Guide To Living Patagonia like a local

Want to live Patagonia at its fullest on your next trip? Then, go local.

All cities and destinations in Chilean Patagonia have hidden secrets. You could be one of the few lucky tourists to discover them.