January 02 2019

Tips for traveling solo in Patagonia - Video


In the following video, we provide four tips to make your solo trip to Patagonia a memorable adventure, because details such as where to stay or when to schedule your arrival times could make you feel safer and supported.

If you dare to travel solo through Chilean Patagonia, specific tips will improve your adventure. Besides knowing what to take or which cities to visit, if you plan your trip correctly you’ll also find out how to save money or avoid extreme loneliness.  

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Favoring hostels, interacting with tourists and locals, arriving early at your destinations, and avoiding traveling alone by car (costly) are just some of the most essential tips that you need to know when planning a solo trip through Chilean Patagonia. 

We explain the reason why hundreds of travelers are attracted to southern Chile every year due to its safety in our blog Why Patagonia is a safe place to travel solo. So don’t hesitate to experience this adventure on your own!

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