December 28 2018

Five musts-see places in Patagonia


There are countless attractions to discover the southernmost region in Chile. So it’s only natural to feel a little overwhelmed when planning your trip. Where to start? What are the must-sees? This video shows some highlights of this magical destination.

Although there are spectacular places to visit throughout Patagonia, there are some spots that you simply can't miss; whether because of their stunning natural surroundings or the importance of its cities.

Look at the five must-see places in Chilean Patagonia here:

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Given vacations don’t last forever, you must choose the places that you will visit in Patagonia carefully to fit tastes and expectations. These five suggestions give you a general idea of Chilean Patagonia. Ideally, you’ll find out about its culture and traditions as well as see some of its spectacular natural attractions.

Learn more with this checklist for your trip to Patagonia!


These are our favorite must-see attractions in Patagonia!



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