February 08 2022

Safe places for a romantic getaway in Chilean Patagonia


If you are looking for a romantic trip with your partner that is safe and entertaining at the same time, Patagonia is your destination!

This southernmost region offers incredible natural options that provide breathtaking views, privacy, and social distancing.

Traveling to Chilean Patagonia is a peaceful and safe option if you want to spend a romantic, quiet vacation with your partner due to its immense natural spaces and low population density.

Where to go that is romantic and safe in Chilean Patagonia? Here are some practical places and activities to do in Patagonia, especially if you want an unforgettable Valentine's Day experience.

1. Torres del Paine

The stunning Torres del Paine National Park is currently open to tourism. It is an ideal destination to visit if you spend the summer in Chile.

It offers natural circuits where you can see symbolic landscapes of the austral south surrounded by the local flora and fauna. You will see guanacos, rheas, and hairy armadillos. In addition, at this time of the year, you can enjoy a delightful climate, with an average temperature of 16ºC.

Prices and transportation options are detailed on the official Torres del Paine website.

2. Magdalena Island

Punta Arenas is a starting point for an adventure on Magdalena Island, 30 kilometers away. You can visit one of the largest penguin colonies in South America, with more than 60,000 specimens! A lighthouse of about fifty meters stands in the center of the island.

Summer is the best time of the year to visit this majestic natural reserve.

3. Carretera Austral

You cannot miss the famous Carretera Austral in the Aysen region. Puerto Montt or Coihaique are good starting points to explore the incredible landscapes surrounding this scenic highway's more than 800 kilometers, including ancient glaciers, colorful forests, and turquoise lakes.

4. Bernardo O'Higgins National Park

This park takes you through deep blue lakes, ancient ice glaciers, and dense forests, with the imposing Lautaro volcano of more than 3,600 meters. Here you will find the Southern Ice Field, the third-largest expanse of ice globally, with a 75-meter frozen wall (like a 30-story building!). 

On this tour, you will see one of the largest Huemul populations in Chilean territory. In addition, you will see penguins, sea lions, and birds like the condor and the eagle.

5. Pumalín National Park

This park also surprises visitors with very romantic escapades. In 2007, UNESCO declared the territory part of the Southern Andes Temperate Rainforest Biosphere Reserve. The wildlife in the area includes bats, monkeys, and even pumas.

6. The Patagonian Fjords Route

Nothing is more romantic than watching the sunset from a ferry sailing through the fjords and channels of Chilean Patagonia.

During the crossing, you and your partner will discover natural treasures that hardly appear in travel guides, observe the native flora and fauna, and live an authentic travel experience, so be sure to include the Patagonia ferry trip in your plans!

We recommend you constantly check each of these attractions and destinations' websites for updates on opening hours, sanitary measures, and other information.

You should also review the Chilean government's and Navimag Ferries' COVID-19 protocols to travel in Chile and on board the ferry here.

Have a romantic trip!

These six attractions offer a safe alternative travel experience in Chilean Patagonia. They are also very romantic spots for you and your partner to visit during Valentine's Day. Make sure to follow all health and safety protocols to make your visit a wonderful experience!

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