January 06 2022

How we keep you safe on board our ferry in Patagonia


We want sailing the Patagonian Fjords to be the only thing that occupies your mind. Your safety is paramount to us! That's why we have taken health and safety measures for you to travel worry-free.

We have safety protocols on board our ferry Esperanza to offer you a safe trip. These apply to navigation as well as to the prevention of COVID-19 infection.

How do we help you to have a safe ferry trip?

First, we comply with international maritime safety standards under the International Safety Management (ISM), related to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) precautions to protect human life at sea. 

In addition, our ferries have rafts and life rafts for 730 people (double their maximum capacity) and 3 rescue boats.

Second, we minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection on board the Esperanza ferry on our Patagonian Fjords route as follows: 

  • There are alcohol gel dispensers and refills in the areas of the highest passenger concentration on the ship.
  • There are footpaths in the main access to prevent contamination by the virus upon entering the ship.
  • On-board personnel responsible for First Aid are trained by certified health professionals to handle suspected and/or probable infection cases. 
  • You have access to instructions and practical advice to prevent the spread of Coronavirus through posters in the areas with the highest concentration of people on the ferry.
  • We monitor your average temperature on board to identify the possibility of fever to minimize the likelihood of contagion.  
  • We have mask and glove dispensers at the most relevant points on the ferry.
  • We clean and disinfect all public areas during the voyage in compliance with our On-Board Cleaning and Disinfection Program for the Passenger Area. 
  • We clean and disinfect all areas in all ferry calls in compliance with our Protocol for Cleaning and Disinfection of Environments. 

Are there any safety conditions for boarding the Navimag ferry?

Our Health & Safety measures changed in October 2022. We no longer require passengers to show their mobility passes when checking in and boarding the ferry. When planning, you should review the latest information on safety protocols to travel in Chile and on board the ferry.

Your safety is our priority

Always ask for updates to our health and safety measures before boarding the ferry to sail the Patagonian Fjords route.

We also recommend that you confirm the departure date of your trip, as itineraries could vary due to the Patagonian weather.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to help you prepare for your trip. Safe travels!

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