June 20 2018

Continue your yoga routine while traveling through Chilean Patagonia


If you practice yoga and plan to travel to Chilean Patagonia, find out about how you can keep practicing your asanas and conscious breathing during your visit.

In Chile’s far south you can practice yoga. And not only self-practice, as many have done until now, but enrolled in classes with a teacher and snow-capped mountains and Antarctic beech forests as an extension to the classroom.

Perhaps you have never done a yoga pose in your life, but Patagonia’s landscape will inspire you, no doubt. There are currently several alternatives for travelers to pack their conscious and healthy lifestyles in their suitcase.

If you are interested in other slow travel alternatives, read this blog about the experience of Navimag trips to Patagonia.


All included

If your final destination is Torres del Paine, the Patagom Lila school in Puerto Natales offers programs of up to 10 days that include a trip to the national park, daily yoga classes, detox food plans, Tibetan bowl massages, and other activities such as horseback riding and trekking.

Can you imagine starting the day walking through beautiful woods until reaching the dome where you will have your first yoga class in the southernmost corner in the world? Once inside, you will be able to enjoy picture postcard views of the Gulf of Almirante Montt at sunrise, while you start doing basic yoga poses to warm up your body.

Later, chai tea will be a perfect complement to a healthy and southern breakfast that they'll prepare during your excursion to the Milodon Cave, the Dorotea Hill or even an all-day trip to Torres del Paine, which includes a lunchbox, a pause to meditate or a relaxation class with Tibetan bowls.

This experience will give you not only a complete rest but also an opportunity to improve your yoga practice due to the contact with nature and possibility of practicing in an extreme climate.


Yoga in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park

An alternative trip is provided by Ecocamp Patagonia, located inside Torres del Paine National Park, which stands out for its sustainable architecture and design inspired by the Kawéskar culture, an indigenous Patagonian people.

The dome where you can practice yoga from Tuesday to Saturday, from 6 am to 8 pm, has active classes and other more restorative ones. In all of them, you can stop and see the flight of condors, passing hares, and also rain, rainbows, and sunsets, in one of the world’s most extreme and beautiful places.

In anticipation of a day full of excursions, the morning yoga teachers offer active poses, while classes from 6 pm in the evening are designed to end the day in a more relaxing way.

And if you decide to stay resting in your cabin, you will have alternative yoga practices that range from Hatha to Kundalini.


Company by vegetarian food

If you are going to Puerto Natales, you will find several eating options, specially designed for people who do not eat red meat or who want to try local and traditional products. Take note of them and include them in your itinerary.

- Afrigonia

Magallanes 247


A fresh seafood restaurant where the key attractions are its Calafate Sour cocktail drink, the oyster paella with cream and basil, and mate ice cream.

- Baguales

Carlos Bories 430


Artisanal beer, hamburger, and Mexican food restaurant, with a sandwich and vegetarian taco options.

- Mesita Grande

Pedro Montt 196


Pizzeria and trattoria that offers the best fresh pasta in Puerto Natales; also desserts such as pannacotta and tiramisu.


Have you already decided to travel to Patagonia? Although you are going to the end of the world, you do not have to abandon your regular yoga practice. 

Quite the opposite. You will enjoy an unbeatable environment to practice your favorite poses alongside the Patagonian cold in the morning, the extraordinary experience of living in the midst of nature, the rain under the dome, and the countless stars at night. Now, breathe.

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