February 22 2022

11 unique travel experiences in Patagonia to unplug and disconnect


In the extreme south of the American continent, Chilean Patagonia is undoubtedly a stunning place to visit to enjoy unparalleled travel experiences. Here are a few examples.

With its mountain ranges, turquoise lakes, and millenary glaciers, Chilean Patagonia offers diverse travel experiences to enjoy regardless of how or when you travel. Make sure to include them when you plan your trip to Patagonia.

Exceptional adventures you can live in Chilean Patagonia

1. Sailing the Patagonian Fjords

A local adventure that takes you away from routine and the crowds, helps you disconnect, and have a safe trip in the ongoing pandemic, is to sail the Patagonian fjords and channels by ferry. It is also a different way to get to know this remote destination.

2. Riding the Carretera Austral

The southernmost highway in the world features impressive attractions along its 1,240 kilometers, including the Pumalin National Park, the Chaiten volcano, the Queulat hanging glacier, and the charming town of Villa O’Higgins.

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3. Voyaging in the San Rafael Lagoon

Laguna San Rafael National Park is the largest in the Aysén region and is home to the highest peak in the southern Andes: Mount San Valentín. At 4,000 meters high, it's an incredible landscape that you can enjoy from a catamaran overlooking the Northern Ice Field.

4. Puma watching in Torres del Paine

If you are interested in the wild cats from the Andes, one of the best options is to hire an experienced puma tracker to go pumawatching in Torres del Paine National Park. In addition, you will also be able to see other animals such as rheas, condors, and guanacos.

5. Watching the King penguin

The island of Tierra del Fuego, at the border between Argentina and Chile, is home to the second-largest colony of king penguins in the world, which live in the private reserve Pinguino Rey. You have to book your visit in advance,, given the number of visitors is restricted to protect these animals.

6. Strolling around Coyhaique

A great experience in Patagonia is visiting its different cities and towns. With approximately 50,000 inhabitants, Coyhaique makes an excellent base camp to explore many natural wonders. For example, horseback riding along the General Carrera Lake, kayaking around the Marble Caves, hiking the Cerro Castillo trails, crossing the Northern Patagonian Ice Fields, and the Simpson River.

7. Having a drink with glacier ice

When you tour any local glaciers, like the Grey, Serrano, or San Rafael, make sure to enjoy a glass of whiskey with millennial ice extracted from some of the floating chunks of ice that have fallen to the water.

8. Visiting the Murta Bay Cemetery

A 30-minute drive from Puerto Rio Tranquilo is the Murta Bay cemetery, which is almost a town by itself, according to the blog The Expater. From there, you can watch the Engaño and Murta rivers and Lake General Carrera, the largest lake in Chile.

9. Practicing outdoor sports

Extreme sports buffs love Chile. In fact, in 2020, the Southern American country won the first prize as the best adventure tourism destination in the World Travel Awards. These include mountain biking in Punta Arenas, ice hiking on the Grey Glacier, or rafting on the Baker River. 

10. Combining luxury with Nature

If you don't travel on a budget, you can opt for an all-inclusive hotel like the Explora Patagonia, located in Torres del Paine National Park, awarded as the best Chilean hotel in 2019 by the travel website TripAdvisor.

11. Wild camping in Patagonia

If you want to watch the starry skies as you fall asleep, wake up to the sound of Nature, share a campfire, and avoid large crowds, wild camping is the perfect way to see another side of Patagonia, says Wandering Our World.

Forget about the routine in Patagonia!

Chilean Patagonia is home to exceptional places that make memorable vacation destinations. From climbing mountains and exploring exotic fauna and flora to enjoying the local food, there are plenty of experiences for you to choose from. Find the right 

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