The best restaurants in Patagonia according to tourists

Whether it’s for the delicious food, great atmosphere or price-quality balance, these are the four best gastronomic experiences to try out in southern Chile according to visitors.

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October 17 2018

Tips for traveling alone in Patagonia

Where to stay? What to do? What to look out for? These are the basic tips to keep in mind when planning your trip to Patagonia to ensure that it’s a memorable experience.  

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October 10 2018

Traveling solo and slow: the best mix for visiting Chilean Patagonia

Enjoying a destination at a slow pace is a trend gaining more followers every year. What could be better than taking a solo trip and trying it out?

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October 05 2018

How to choose good accommodation if you’re traveling alone

Making the decision to travel alone can lead to one of the best experiences of your life. It’s not only about traveling at your own pace. It’s also about reconnecting with yourself and feeling free to do what you want.

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Your Guide To Living Patagonia like a local

Want to live Patagonia at its fullest on your next trip? Then, go local.

All cities and destinations in Chilean Patagonia have hidden secrets. You could be one of the few lucky tourists to discover them.