January 18 2022

How to include the Patagonia ferry trip in your travel plans


Live an authentic experience in Patagonia onboard our new Esperanza ferry sailing the Patagonian Fjords route. Learn how to include this voyage in your travel plans.

If you seek an authentic and different journey from conventional tourism, we recommend that you sail the Patagonian Fjords route aboard our new ferry Esperanza.

Here are different options to include this scenic route in your itinerary depending on the type of traveler you are and where you board:

1. If you travel alone, as a couple, or with friends

If you have time, are used to traveling, and are looking to discover unknown corners of Patagonia without haste, traveling by ferry is an excellent alternative.

You will enjoy the Patagonian fjords and channels that shape this route between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales and vice versa. You will sense Patagonia up close, interacting with other travelers onboard the ferry.

Without a doubt, you will live an authentic travel experience like no other!

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2. Travel with children

If you want to travel with children to Patagonia, be sure to include the ferry trip in your itinerary, as it is a safe, comfortable, and entertaining alternative:

  • All sleeping cabins have private bathrooms.
  • There are 3 outdoor decks for you to tour with the children and observe --weather permitting-- marine wildlife like Dolphins, Whales, and birds like Petrels, Albatrosses, and more.
  • Board games and an entertainment system that connects from your tablet or smartphone (there's no Internet on-board).
  • Educational talks for children and adults about the local history, marine and avian fauna, the landscape, and route highlights.

You also have the option to ride the ferry with your car, camping car, motorcycles, or bicycles (the latter at no additional cost).

3. Want to go straight to Torres del Paine

This Patagonia ferry trip is your best option if you plan to arrive in Puerto Montt and go directly to Torres del Paine National Park without making stops along the way and getting there fully rested. In that case, this journey is your best option.

The ferry takes you from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales in 4 days and 4 nights through Patagonian fjords and channels. You have the opportunity to watch places in Chilean Patagonia you can only see from the sea and, like views of the Corcovado volcano from the water and the open-sea crossing in the Gulf of Sorrows.

4. Are leaving Patagonia

If you arrive from Argentinean Patagonia or already know Torres del Paine and want to travel up north, taking the ferry in Puerto Natales is the best alternative.

You get to see islands and fjords for 4 nights and 3 days, recharging energies and sharing the ride like travelers from all over the world and locals.

Include the Patagonian Fjords ferry trip in your plans!

Traveling Patagonia onboard our Esperanza ferry is an ideal alternative for solo travelers, couples, or families who have flexible itineraries and want to know some of the most beautiful spots in this austral destination authentically, at their own pace, without complications.

6 requirements to board the Esperanza ferry

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