December 27 2021

Why our Esperanza ferry is the best travel experience in Patagonia?


Patagonia is famous for attracting travelers worldwide thanks to its spectacular landscapes and the mystery that its remoteness rouses. Part of that charm is experienced while sailing through its fjords and channels on board "Esperanza," our new ferry.

Here are 5 important reasons that make this an extraordinary trip:

1. You get to see a different Patagonia

The route can begin in Puerto Montt for 4 days if you embark there -3 days if departing from Puerto Natales- with the tranquility of sailing the narrow channels combined with the impressive journey through the southern Patagonia waters.

Both ports also are excellent access points to different attractions and destinations within Chilean Patagonia.

During the journey, and depending on the weather, you can see diverse fauna, from birds to dolphins and whales.

In addition, you have the possibility of contemplating unique landscapes such as the enchanting scenery offered by the national parks that border the route like Corcovado, Laguna San Rafael, Bernardo O'Higgins, and Torres del Paine.

2. Discover unexplored landscapes

The route's natural attractions are its islands, part of the Andes Mountain Range that sinks in the sea. Most of Chile’s 43,000 islands are located between Puerto Montt and Cape Horn. Many of them are uninhabited; several do not know man's presence because they are difficult to access. 

The most renowned ones are Chiloe island, the largest island in Chile; Magdalena island, where you can watch Magellanic penguins in their natural habitat; Wager island, famous for a shipwreck back in the 18th centruy, and the Chilean side of Tierra del Fuego island (shared with Argentina).

It’s common to see shipwrecks in the Patagonian fjords, the most iconic being the "Captain Leonidas," which ran aground on a sandbank called Bajo Cotopaxis; neither air travel nor land transport have access to these hidden corners of Chilean Patagonia.

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3. You get to meet other travelers

A crucial part of the essence of this ferry trip is that passengers from different continents coincide on board with residents in southern Chile who use it as their daily transportation.

Thus, this coexistence creates a true temporary community among travelers. During meals and activities on board the ship, chats between passengers are often the seed of friendships that transcend the voyage. Undoubtedly, this is one factor that makes this form of travel unique.

4. Entertainment that helps you relax

"Esperanza" is not a cruise. It is a ferry that offers a different experience, where the luxury is in the unique places and services you experience on board. You can share with other passengers in its cafeteria and dining room, play board games and learn about Patagonia with our entertaining talks. 

You can also connect your tablet or mobile phone to our entertainment system on board.

There are also spaces for you to practice yoga as part of the invitation to live a relaxed experience. And since there is no Internet, it is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the virtual world and connect with nature (due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions to guarantee physical and social distancing will apply).

5. Facilities that help you enjoy the most of the ride

The ferry "Esperanza" is a brand-new vessel, with a capacity for 244 passengers, where travelers can:

  • Embark with their cars, camping carts, motorcycles, and bicycles (the latter at no additional cost).
  • Use individual cabins with private bathrooms; due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cabins will not be shared during the 2022 summer season.
  • Use the elevator.
  • Enjoy the view from our 3 outside decks.

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Make the Chilean Patagonia ferry trip your own!

A tour of Patagonia on board Navimag's "Esperanza" ferry is what you need if you are searching for an experience that will stay forever in your memory.

6 requirements to board the Esperanza ferry

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