August 10 2017

Bird watching in Patagonia is healthy for body and soul


Can you imagine exploring Patagonia and coming across more than 70 types of birds only in just one location?

Sounds fantastic, right? Best of all, it is a dream that can easily come true.

Birdwatching is an activity that attracts people from all over the world who come to the remotest region in Chile only to watch the area’s vast amount of native species given the diversity of ecosystems found there.

Experts recommend going bird watching between September and March, whether on a full-day trek or before noon time, depending on the preferences of the visitor.

In Chile, from the north to Patagonia, it is possible to watch around 1,000 exotic species in different ecosystems. The region is the perfect setting to both see beautiful landscapes and watch unique animals in their habitats.


What would a typical bird watching tour in Patagonia be like?

Bird observer groups usually seek species either by trekking or on top a vehicle, stopping many times to observe the magical moments that birds in southern Chile provide.

Visitors often carry a book that can they can get in the different parks with the names and characteristics of all the birds found in the area; observers keep a record on their book of all the birds they watch.

It is also advisable to carry binoculars and put all senses on alert to listen for birds’ singing and chirping

Exploring Patagonia, with its incredible hiking trails and landscapes, is a wonder by itself. Nonetheless, listening to the song of birds is a value-added attribute that makes these walks a unique and indescribable experience.

The key is to live it and, if you are lucky enough, to take a picture of the birds that cross your path.

Birds such as the black-chinned siskin, the rufous-collared sparrow (also known as Chingolo) and the white-necked thrush live among old trees and in pronounced cliffs. All the while, it is possible to see beautiful white herons, Magellan geese, and Chilean flamingos in wetlands and other areas close to water.

Meanwhile, you may see eagles and hawks circling by in search of some dead animal to feed on. At the same time, deep in the forests, you can watch the spectacular colors of burrowing parrots and Austral parakeets, which are easy to spot, which fill the different Patagonian landscapes with life and their sounds.


How much does bird watching in Patagonia cost?

People can watch birds for free on their own, for which they only need a pair of good binoculars, appropriate hiking clothing, food, water, and a specialized guide book on Patagonia to help them discover the type of specimens that they may find along the way.

However, you can also pay a tour guide, who are usually biology professionals specialized in the subject, who may offer detailed information about each bird and its habitat.

If you wish to go bird watching all day and with all necessities included, including transportation, equipment, and food, the price can range between US$150 and US$350 per day per person.


Birdwatching helps improve physical and mental health

According to scientists from the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois, in the US, visiting places in nature, like forests, squares, gardens, and even trees on pedestrian areas in cities, benefit their health self-esteem, improving their character and generating more confidence toward others.

Moreover, imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy nature surrounded by different ecosystems and species of birds of all kinds, each providing a different energy vibe, in particular through their singing.


Meditation by singing

In these times, daily routine and stress can make people more prone to periods of melancholy and anguish, which naturally affects their mood and performance in everyday activities.

An exercise that could help to alleviate this emotional distress is as simple as stopping by a park in your city or, even better while hiking a forest in Patagonia, go to a tree and hug it as though you are hugging an old relative. All you have to do is close your eyes and for about 5 minutes listen and try to meditate along the singing of the birds.

It is a simple exercise that will let you relax while feeling the energy flowing from the tree to your body.

Academics from University of Essex, the British Trust for Ornithology and the University of Queensland found that this is a useful exercise; the singing of the birds and bird watching not only raise the spirit but are also good for the health.

Even more, listening to the singing of the birds is like a deep meditation.

Go and try to do this while you are in the city, in the country or when you come down enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Patagonia offers.

What do you waiting for to travel to the remotest region in Chile and live the bird watching experience we have just described?

Looking forward to seeing you!

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