February 10 2023

Before traveling to Chilean Patagonia, find out about the regulations in the National Parks


If you decided to travel to Chilean Patagonia, it is because you love nature, you enjoy life in the open air and you appreciate the beautiful landscapes. But before starting your adventure! It is important that you find out about the regulations within the National Parks.

This is why we have prepared this note with rules and recommendations that you should have on your visit. In this way we will avoid leaving a negative ecological footprint for the flora and fauna of the place. And also, we will avoid risk situations for the conservation of the landscapes that we love so much.

What is the ecological footprint?

The concept "ecological footprint" emerges as a sustainability indicator that tries to measure the impact that our way of life has on the environment. The trace that human beings leave can generate negative consequences that will have repercussions for millions of years later in ecosystems.

To avoid this, specific preventive measures have been defined that you must follow:

Cook and camp only in specially authorized and marked places.

The National Parks of Chilean Patagonia have authorized campsites, which you must reserve before your visit. We recommend that you make a reservation in advance. In this way, you will be sure that you will have space to stay.

Avoid causing forest fires.

Chilean law (n.°20.653) establishes the prohibition of making bonfires within a National Park. Under any circumstance.

If you are surprised you will be expelled immediately. In addition, you will have to pay a large fine for damaging native trees and polluting the place.

Comply with trail closing times.

A very important rule is to comply with the schedules that have been defined for you to visit the trails. The hours established are for your safety and physical integrity.

Register at all Park Ranger stations.

You must register when entering the National Parks. This is done as a preventative measure in case you get lost on one of the trails.

Always respect the instructions of the Conaf Park Ranger.

The park rangers are the highest authority within the National Parks. This is why you must respect them and obey them if they give you instructions.

Alert or report any behavior or risk condition.

If you witness a risk situation you must notify the park rangers immediately. Your quick action can prevent fatal accidents and protect the space in which you find yourself.

By following these instructions you will contribute to the conservation of Chilean Patagonia, and above all, you will be a responsible tourist that allows future visitors to have the opportunity to discover this wonderful place. Protecting nature is everyone's responsibility!

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