August 16 2018

Already visited Patagonia? Here are 5 reasons for you to return!


If you've been lucky enough to visit southern Chile, you should feel really privileged.

You know what we are talking about: landscapes endowed with unique forests, towering mountains that leave you speechless due to their size, and thousands of kilometers of ice and glaciers only found in the remote south, allowing you to experience the real power of nature.

Perhaps you've had the chance to travel around the region's 1,240 kilometers. Maybe not. This is why we are giving you five reasons to go back to Patagonia, but with a completely different itinerary to your first visit.

The aim is for you to return and enjoy every second without rushing or restrictions, and at peace with yourself.

Here are 5 reasons to return to Patagonia and relive its magic:


1.- Chacabuco Channel:

Let yourself be carried away by Aysén Region’s main port, which surprises by the beauty of its surroundings, and by Puerto Aguirre, a quaint town with narrow fjords and hills that roll down to the water’s edge. If you haven’t already visited, you will be captivated by its charming streets covered in seashells.


2.- Carretera Austral:

Go back to Patagonia and immerse yourself in the colors and magic offered by this remote Southern Highway, which is one of its kind in the world. If you have already toured the Carretera Austral, we recommend that you return by bicycle to be able to enjoy every spot and stop as many times as you want to sit and meditate, breathe and experience the unforgettable scenery.


3.- Castro, the largest city on Chiloe:

Fall in love with the lifestyle of this magical city. Explore for a second time its attractions, such as the famous “palafitos,” or houses on stilts, or the craft markets at the San Francisco church, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Connecting with local people and discovering their customs and the mythology that surrounds this place is another reason to return to Patagonia.


4.- Return to Torres del Paine:

Feel the power and strength of the enormous natural sculptures that this unique place features. Following a well-signed trekking trail and admiring the spectacular landscapes is an ideal recipe for returning to The Torres del Paine Natural Park. Keep the memory of the scenery and energy alive in your mind because even the best camera won’t be able to convey the emotion and reconnection you will feel when you return!


5.- Exploring Patagonia by ferry:

Instead of making the trip by plane, cruise through Patagonia, taking in the beauty of the fjords and their incredible flora and fauna. Get inspired to return to southern Chile but this time with your family or friends, exploring every spot in a leisurely and relaxed fashion, navigating and enjoying the landscape from close up and in a more pleasant way.

We hope that with these five reasons you won’t think twice about returning to this beautiful corner of the world, with its unique and unmatchable landscapes that you’ll never forget.

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