April 24 2017

Activities in Puerto Montt


The city of Puerto Monttand the surrounding area have a number of attractions for visiting tourists. With a mixture of cultural and natural heritage, this is one of the most beautiful areas of southern Chile.

  • The nearby Lagos Llanquihue and Todos los Santos are two of area’s biggest natural attractions. These lakes are ideal for fly fishing, shore fishing and trolling, and also for rafting, windsurfing, and kayaking.

  • Visit the Cathedral Church of Puerto Montt; the historic German colony is an obvious influence in its architecture. It is notable for its architectural design which evokes comparison with the colossal Parthenon in Athens. It was built entirely with alerce wood in 1856, making it the oldest building in Puerto Montt. 
  • Inside, you can find the original act of foundation of the city along with the foundation stone, which gives a special historical significance to this stronghold of faith.
  • Visit the fishing harbour of Angelmó located just two kilometers from Puerto Montt’s Plaza de Armas. First built in the late nineteenth century, it is now full of tourist attractions, a must see in the itinerary of any traveller.
  • Cross over to the island of Tenglo in a fishing boat from Puerto Montt harbor. With any luck you will be accompanied by playful toninas (small dolphins with a black back and white belly) that often follow the boats.

How to get to Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt lies 1,116 kilometers to the south of Santiago. Built on the edge of the Reloncaví Sound, this beautiful southern city is located at a strategic crossroads, since the bay connects the bulk of the country to the north with the Carlos Ibáñez del Campo and Magallanes Regions to the south.

By sea, you can get to Puerto Montt from Patagonia, or to be more precise, from Puerto Natales and Puerto Chacabuco by travelling on Navimag ferries. You can also make the trip to those same cities from Puerto Montt.

By land, you can access the city via Route 5 (the Panamerican Highway), which connects Chile from Arica to Puerto Montt. You can arrive by private car or by taking a bus with any one of a number of companies such as:   Cruz del sur, Cóndor Bus, Buses Jac and Pullman Bus.

By air, you arrive at Puerto Montt’s “El Tepual” AIrport. There are several daily flights from Santiago. Flights take approximately two hours.  The airport is just 16 km from the city center. 

Where to stay in Puerto Montt

Hotel Holiday Inn
Av. Costanera s/n, above Mall Paseo Costanera, Puerto Montt – Chile
Tel: (56 – 65) 56 6000

Hostal Pacífico
Juan José Mira 1088 esq. Salvador Allende, Puerto Montt, Chile
Tel.: (56-65) 256 229

Flora and Fauna of Puerto Montt

Various species of animals inhabit the city of Puerto Montt, due to the diversity of ecosystems. In the mountain areas there are pumas, foxes, weasels, and huemules, a type of native deer that is endangered. In the coastal areas it is possible to sight dolphins, sea lions, and blue whales, the world’s largest mammal. The vegetation in this area is abundant, and there are ancient trees including the alerce and the araucaria. The Coigüe or Coihue (Nothofagus Betulloides or dombeyii) live for only about 300 years.

Where to eat in Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt has a wide variety of restaurants, whose dishes range from traditional regional food to international food and fast food.  

Some of these restaurants are:

  • Cocinerías de Angelmó- Traditional Food (seafood)
  • El Cuento del Mar – Fish and Seafood
  • La Leñera- Grilled Meat
  • Fogón del Sur – Grilled Meat
  • Fogón de Pepe- Grilled Meat
  • Cotelé- Grilled Meat
  • Dominó- Fast food 
  • Dino´s – Fast food  

Climate in Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt has a maritime climate, with mild temperatures and little variation in temperature throughout the day and between the seasons, accompanied by near constant abundant rainfall. In winter, minimum temperatures are between 7° and 12°C and may even fall below 5°C, with a maximum of 14° to 16°C, while, in summer, minimum temperatures are at about 21°C and maximum temperatures are 25° to 30°C.

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