April 25 2017

Activities in Puerto Edén


The special beauty of this tiny hamlet with barely 250 inhabitants provides lots of photo opportunities.

Ideal for fishing, which is the main source of income for the local residents.


How to get to Puerto Edén

Puerto Edén is located south of the Gulf of Penas; it is the only town in the 650 km stretch between Caleta Tortel (XI Región) and Puerto Natales (XII Región). It is on the eastern shore of Wellington Island and can only be reached by sea from Puerto Montt or from Puerto Natales.

The Navimag Ferry runs from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt, passing through Puerto Edén, a voyage through beautiful Patagonian scenery.

Departures from Puerto Montt are on Fridays and from Puerto Natales on Tuesdays throughout the year.


Flora and Fauna of Puerto Edén

Flora and Fauna of Puerto Edén

Wellington Island is covered by Magellanic rain forest, with evergreens such as Coigüe de Magallanes, Cypress of the Guaitecas, and Canelo abounding. Lenga and Ñirre are also present. The fauna of Puerto Eden is not very abundant or varied, but in various sectors of the island you can find the endangered Huemul deer. Sea lions and sea otters are also a common sight. Among the birds that can be seen are the Blue-eyed Cormorant, the Falkland Island King Cormorant, Flightless steamer duck, Condor, Eagle, Cahuil Seagull, and Austral Parakeet.


Climate of Puerto Edén

Climate of Puerto Edén

The climate around Puerto Edén is cold, rainy and temperate with no dry season but with distinct microclimates. The mean annual temperature is 8°C, but in summer it varies between 10°C and 18°C. Rainfall averages 450 mm per year.


Where to stay in Puerto Edén?

Where to stay in Puerto Edén?

Hosteria Yekchal

Located on the northern shore of the Puerto Edén village.
Tel.: (56-02) 1969650

Hosteria Puerto Edén 

Located on the southern shore of the Puerto Edén village
Tel.: (56-02) 1969620

Hosteria Don Manuel 
Located on the northern shore of the village
Tel.: (56-02) 1960677

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