June 18 2019

5 tips to save money on your trip to Torres del Paine


Are you on a tight budget for your trip to Torres del Paine? There are many ways to spend less to enjoy this destination. Here we give you some essential tips to make it a low-cost adventure.

There are many fascinating attractions and places to visit in Patagonia. These include luxury destinations such as glamping at EcoCamp Patagonia, located in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park and named by Time magazine as one of the greatest places in the world in 2018.

But how can you save money in Patagonia if you travel on a low budget? There are options that cost less.

Take a note of some tips in the following video given by people who know the area.

HubSpot Video


If you want more detailed advice, then check out how to visit Patagonia on a low budget.


Careful planning is essential to save money on a trip to Patagonia.

And by this, we just don't refer to planning ahead of time, but also coordinating your itinerary with plane departure and arrival times and choosing well-connected accommodation to economize on transfer costs.

Everything counts when it comes to save money!

Checklist Become a master traveler in Patagonia

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