5 tips for planning your trip to Patagonia

January 9, 2019 in Patagonia Specials

5 tips for planning your trip to Patagonia

If you’d like to get to know this area, you must read this blog! In this video, we’ll tell you how to prepare for this great journey.

Chilean Patagonia is full of charm, but also challenges. The climate is unpredictable, and many activities require physical effort or using the right equipment. For this reason, you’ve probably asked yourself how to prepare for a trip to Patagonia.

What to take? When to go? How to get around? Here are some basic tips for you to start planning this adventure.




1. Figure out how many days you will need to make this trip.

Decide which places you want to see and in how much you want to know them.

2. Define which places you want to visit.

Patagonia covers an area of more than 1 million square kilometers. Choose the spots that interest you the most.

3. Choose the right time of year for each place.

The ideal time to do activities like trekking in Patagonia is from October to April.

4. Bear in mind distances are vast and decide how you will move around.

Transportation such as bus and ferry are slower, but they allow you to know places that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

5. Make sure you pack adequately.

Take comfortable clothing that keeps you warm and dries quickly.

In cities such as Punta Arenas, winds as strong as 196 kilometers per hour have been registered. And the average temperature in Puerto Natales is 6°.

 As you can see, traveling to Patagonia requires some preparation. Details like finding out when the climate is best or what you need to pack can make a big difference in your experience on this journey. The same goes for deciding what activities you’d like to do or the places you want to visit.

Make this a memorable adventure. Start planning now!


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