November 02 2017

Have a taste: 5 places to eat in Puerto Natales


Puerto Natales is no longer a “drive-thru town” for those on their way to visit Torres del Paine National Park. In recent years, the city’s culinary offer has become a must-taste for those who wish to enjoy the flavors of Patagonia.

Today, you can find from sophisticated alternatives to more traditional Patagonia food options.

In case you want to charge your batteries after your adventures outdoors, we recommend some of the best restaurants of Puerto Natales for you to enjoy have a local taste.

They all will make you want to travel to Patagonia.

Slow Food

Preparations at La Aldea restaurant are hustle-free. There, the premise is to enjoy the pleasure of slow cooking and eating. The menu is flexible and it's determined by the seasonality of produce; the reason why it is written in chalk on a blackboard every day. Also, the waiters make sure that diners know the origin of each ingredient.

This is a small and cozy place, where you can taste dishes like the lamb kibbeh, a raw-meat preparation that contains parsley, cilantro, basil and garlic; the oyster ceviche, roast saddle of hare with mustard, mint and rosemary lamb; and, risotto with morel mushrooms.

This restaurant is one of the best rated in the area by TripAdvisor and people’s comments highlight its innovative proposal and excellent service.

Classic vegetarian

Most fruits and vegetables in Puerto Natales are grown in greenhouses or small gardens. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian in Patagonia a good alternative is El Living.

This restaurant has become a classic among restaurants surrounding the Plaza de Armas main square. The meals are home-cooked, and the ambient is comfortable; feels like the living room at home.

On the menu, the three-cheese cappelletti with walnuts and pumpkin sauce are ideal for a cold day. Most of the dishes depict sweet and sour flavors, such as the black bean chili with vegetables, with a hint of grated chocolate, or the blue cheese sandwich with pears and walnuts.

This is one of the best alternatives on vegetarian food.

Marine Delights

Cangrejo Rojo is located about 15-minutes from the city's center, and it is one of the most sought-after restaurants, applauded by the local media.

Some of the most requested dishes are the crab chowder, the Magellan octopus and fresh-caught fish like  cod, conger eels, salmon, and jack mackerel.

And if you are tempted with trying something sweet, don't forget to look at the dessert display at the entry depicting local kütchen (a type of pastry made with local fruits) with calafate berries and redcurrants. 

For rainy afternoons

When it rains in Puerto Natales, you better look for shelter. And La Crepería is the perfect place for you to take refuge and take the opportunity for some delicious eating.

At tea time, the alternatives are mouth-watering: white chocolate crêpe, vanilla ice cream, manjar (a Chilean version of the dulce de leche or cooked sweet milk) and, calafate berries sauce.

If you prefer a salty alternative: crêpe with lamb, sautéed vegetables, and green sauce.

Preparations here are flexible; you can either choose the ingredients or order the crêpes on the menu.

A luxury

The Singular is one of the best hotels in the region, according to Traveller's Choice Awards by TripAdvisor. It was built on the premises of the former Bories meat processing plant, which is an essential part of the city’s history.

And its restaurant is not far behind. Its sophisticated décor and fantastic landscape view are unique, overlooking the waters of Última Esperanza Bay.

Its menu serves a mix of French and Chilean cuisine; its specialty is to highlight the local produce. Some of its top-rated dishes are the Tierra del Fuego guanaco (a camel native to South America) fillet, the glazed leg of lamb, and the Australis hake.


These five alternatives are an excellent sample of the superb Patagonia cuisine that has evolved and adapted to meet the demand of a growing number of foreign tourists coming from all over the world.

They are options for all tastes, ages, and budgets.

Now you know where to go if you are looking for places to enjoy a delicious meal in Puerto Natales. 

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