July 17 2019

5 must-dos in Chilean Patagonia


A road trip on the world's most remote roads or cruising through ancient ice. Here are a few activities that we suggest that will make your trip a memorable adventure.

There are undoubtedly many things to do in Patagonia from day treks to getting to know its culture through its myths and legends.

One of such is to travel along the beautiful and curvy Southern Highway (Carretera Austral). It is so impressive that the renowned travel guide Lonely Plant ranks it as “Chile’s most challenging road trip.”

We put together this video with some things that you shouldn't miss when you visit Chilean Patagonia. Enjoy!

HubSpot Video


Patagonia's cities are another main destination in southern Chile. Don’t miss them!



It doesn't matter where you go in Chilean Patagonia; you will always see stunning scenery and have exciting things to do. The important thing is to plan your itinerary well to make the most of your time and budget.

Checklist Become a master traveler in Patagonia

Learn more with this checklist for your trip to Patagonia


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