June 30 2020

4 sporting events to enjoy in your next Patagonia trip by ferry


Knowing a destination while playing an extreme sport is a unique experience. And it’s even better when experience shows you unknown corners of geography, be it running, on a mountain bike or in a kayak. 

If you want to experience Patagonia through sports, you should definitely include the following 2020 southern summer events in your itinerary. 

Here are -in chronological order- some sporting events that offer a unique experience in Chile’s deep south for you to include in your itinerary.

Discover Correntoso Biathlon – Puerto Montt 

You can organize your ferry adventure to board or disembark in Puerto Montt and participate in this first version of the Discover Correntoso biathlon. 

The event combines the two sporting disciplines of running and cycling. It is held every January in Correntoso, a rural corner of the Puerto Montt locality next to the Correntoso River and close to Lake Chapo. 

With 16km of cycling on paved roads and an 8km run on paved and gravel roads, this free-of-charge event vies you a sporting challenge or a good show if you prefer to be a spectator.

San Gregorio Week

Make the most of January by taking part in the activities organized by the Municipality of San Gregorio in its “San Gregorio Week.” It includes traditional games from this corner of the world, such as pitch-and-toss, climbing a greasy pole, and greyhound racing. 

OK, they may not be extreme sports, but they are typical physical activities held in the region.

Terra Australis MTB Race 2020

This bike race is held in February in Punta Arenas and crosses 200km of Patagonian forests. It offers a smooth ride along with one of the best MTB trails in the region through four stages. In its first year, the race included the Terra Australis MTB Experience.

Palena Binational Ultra Trail

If you’re in Patagonia at the end of February, you can take part in the Palena Binational Ultra Trail. This trail running race starts with a spaghetti dinner as a reception for runners. It ends with a barbecue of Patagonian lamb.

With different distances to run, ranging from 3km to 60km, the event brings together beginners, families, friends, and sporting professionals in Palena, the southernmost city in the De Los Lagos Region, known as “Patagonia’s best-kept secret.”

Bonus! Winter-spring events 

If you travel to Patagonia in the low season or want to return to the region in Winter or Spring, there are competitions and traditional sporting events also.

In September, it’s the Patagonian International Marathon. The city closest to the event is Puerto Natales, where you can board or disembark the Navimag ferry.

In October, there is also the Patagonia 500 Challenge, a triathlon that allows racing 500km through the most emblematic places in Chilean Patagonia for 7 days.

Also, keep an eye on social media to know when the next Patagonman XTRI will be held, an extreme triathlon that will take you through the fjords of Aysén and Puerto Chacabuco and Lake General Carrera, as well as the Ultra Paine 2020 running event.

Make sure to check out our Guide of  Activities to do in Patagonia for more insight into what to do in this magical region, like the top 4 trails to go hiking in Patagonia for free.

Be part of Patagonian sport 

Make the most of your trip with Patagonia’s celebrations and sporting events during the high and low season. The region’s particular features make it essential to plan your journey well in advance to include some of these events. Hence, you make the most of these experiences. 

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