January 23 2019

4 events to enjoy summer in Chilean Patagonia


The far south of Chile offers several summer activities to make the most of the excellent weather and entertain thousands of tourists who prefer taking a vacation in the high season.

Here we tell you about a few options that will make your trip more fun.

Musical weeks in Frutillar

This will be the 51st version of the Frutillar Musical Weeks. In 2019, it will take place from January 27 to February 5 and, as usual since 2010, be held in the beautiful Lake Theater on the shores of Lake Llanquihue. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy classical music played by national and international musicians.

On this occasion, the Chilean Air Force Symphonic Band, Chilean Chamber Orchestra and National Youth Symphony Orchestra will perform. There will also be 22 free concerts in Futrono, Lago Ranco, Puerto Varas, Chillán and other Chilean cities.

As a novelty, the event will host its first international concert in Argentina.


Terra Australis Mountain Bike Race

This is the southernmost race in the Americas and will take place between January 24 and 27, 2019 in the city of Punta Arenas.

The competition starts with a prologue and then continues with three stages when participants race the trails at the end of the world. Along the way, they will pass rivers and Antarctic beech forests.

Each stage comprises a point-to-point route with distances set by the organization of about 60 kilometers. In total, the Terra Australis MTB Race covers almost 200 kilometers of trails, 80% on forest paths and tracks, and includes around 5,000 meters of accumulated ascent.

The first stage comprises 50 kilometers in the Magellan Strait area; the second stage involves 60 kilometers around Brunswick Peninsula, and the third consists of 3 kilometers from Tres Morros to Monte Fenton in the mountains west of Punta Arenas.


Puerto Ibáñez International Rodeo and Folklore Festival

Between January 18 and 20 takes place one of Chilean Patagonia’s most famous festivals celebrating local customs. It is the International Rodeo and Folklore Festival of Puerto Ibáñez, a town on the north shore of Lake General Carrera in Aysén Region.

The festival seeks to display to the world the traditions and heritage of Chilean Patagonia.

This event brings together artisans, folk singers and singer-poets known as payadores, as well as the Gauchos who star in the Patagonian rodeo events. In the latter, local cowboys try to remain seated on a horse for several seconds; the difficulty is that they ride unbroken or wild colts.

The competition is made up of different categories such as bareback without reins (Crina Limpia) or feet in stirrups without hands touching the horse (Bastos con Encimera).


Pioneer Week

This festival takes place in Coyhaique during the second week of February. It aims for visitors to learn about Aysén traditions that are only practiced today in remote rural areas.

The main idea is to celebrate the pioneers, the first inhabitants to colonize the area. It features traditional dancing, Creole music shows, pioneer parades, and classic games, among other events.

Activities take place in different parts of the city such as Coyhaique Municipal Cinema, Pioneer Square and the regional sports center. For more information, visit Coyhaique municipality’s website.

In addition, In the blog about La Ruta del Huemul 2019 you can review another sporting activity that involves trekking. Other events in the summer of 2019 include festivals in Chiloé to celebrate local traditions and customs.



From cultural to sports events, Chilean Patagonia offers activities for all tastes and ages.

Most importantly they all allow you to enjoy another side of Southern Chile, either because of the landscapes traversed or the culture displayed.

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