April 17 2019

4 locations to capture the best shots of Patagonia


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional photographer or want to upload pictures to your Instagram account. This southernmost spot offers stunning landscapes for any lens. What are the “must-have” photos? Here are 4 locations you mustn’t miss.

In this blog, we leave aside the classic sights — like the horns of Torres del Paine or the Marble Chapels — and recommend less internationally well-known spots but which are also worth capturing on camera.

Photography prizes and international media have featured many of these landscapes. Here we list 4 places that offer incredible snapshots of Patagonia.


Ancient Wharf.

If you’re visiting Torres del Paine, you need to pass through the city of Puerto Natales. For many travelers, it’s just a stop-off point, but it also has beautiful corners.

One of them is the view of the Muelle Histórico, an old pier also known as Braun & Blanchard Wharf, from where sheep were shipped off.

The Voy Hoy travel blog has posted some of the best works by photographer Juan Erices, who knows the area well. One of these pictures shows the remains of the former pier on the waters of Channel Señoret.


Baker River.

On the Faro Travel tourist website, you can see 12 pictures that show why Patagonia is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

In first place is Baker River in the south of Aysén Region. Characterized by its turquoise waters and abundant vegetation, it’s regarded highly by people who practice fishing or kayaking.

It is one of Belgian photographer Jan De Roos’s favorite spots — he spent more than a year exploring Patagonia. You can see some of his photos on the Ladera Sur website.


Hanging Glacier in Queulat National Park.

Ladera Sur also highlights the Hanging Glacier in Queulat National Park, 165 km north of the city of Coyhaique, even in Aysén Region.

You reach this hanging glacier after walking 2.5 km along a path inside the park, one of the most popular routes in Patagonia, according to the Andean geographic documentation society SGDA on its Andes handbook website.

Sadly, this glacier has notably shrunk, and it’s only a matter of time for it to stop “hanging”, according to this society that provides information about trails in the Andes.


Grey Glacier.

A photo of the inside of the Grey Glacier, an impressive mass of ice in Torres del Paine National Park, won an honorable mention in Patagon Journal magazine’s 4th photography competition.

In this magical place, you can practice activities such a walking on ice. Unfortunately, this mass of Antarctic ice has also lost a large part of its surface; you can look at how much Grey Glacier has shrunk on the Chilean Glaciers website.



Patagonia is full of corners worth photographing. Here, we’ve highlighted four of which promise to provide a great picture, although there are many other equally impressive landscapes at the end of the world waiting to be discovered by your lens.

So get your camera and plan your trip to capture Patagonia’s essence in fabulous photos!

These are our favorite must-see attractions in Patagonia!

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