January 29 2019

3 sporting events in Patagonia that you can’t miss in 2019


Patagonia not only has spectacular landscapes; it also a place of several events that are worth the trip. Not just in the summer; the year is full of entertainment throughout. We offer you three alternatives to bear in mind if you are planning to visit southern Chile out of season.

Patagonian International Marathon

Every year thousands of runners from all over the world visit visit Torres del Paine National Park to participate in the Patagonian International Marathon, one of the southernmost races in the world.

In addition to running surrounded by beautiful scenery such as the Lago Pehoé and having the impressive Paine blue peaks as a backdrop, participants must face unpredictable weather conditions and an uneven terrain full of obstacles. However, the wind and rain can often hinder performance.

For this reason, it’s necessary to prepare beforehand and go well-equipped. The marathon is organized under the slogan “Leave No Trace” to protect the park’s pristine conditions. The aim is to link sport and healthy living with the conservation of a unique natural environment.

Also, the marathon is very well organized and has hydration stations and medical assistance.

The eighth version of this marathon will be held on September 7, 2019, and registration is already open. The different categories are 42K, 21K and 10K. The city closest to the event is Puerto Natales, located 250 kilometers north of the regional capital Punta Arenas.


The Strait dip

This is one of Chilean Patagonia’s most offbeat event. It consists of a collective dip in the chilly waters of the Magellan Strait in Punta Arenas. Below zero conditions and wind that reaches 100 kilometers per hour add to the low sea temperature.

What’s more, the dip takes place in the depths of winter in the middle of July. It’s an experience only for the very brave!

This big dip is part of the winter season activities (invernadas) organized by the Municipality of Punta Arenas.

To take part, you have to show up at the seafront (on the junction with Calle Mejicana), register and receive the wristband giving access to the area where you get in the sea.

It’s not necessary to be an athlete or a certain age: you just need the enthusiasm to weather the cold! The organizers greet participants when they get out with hot chocolate and towels.

The last event attracted around 2,500 people and almost 6,000 spectators.


Ultra Fiord

The Ultra Fiord is, without a doubt, a competition that requires more preparation than the previous ones we talk about in this blogs. In 2019 it will be held between April 1 and 6.

It’s an international Trail Running event held for the fifth time in the fjords of Chilean Patagonia. Participants run through native forests, cross rivers, ascend mountains with glaciers and much more. This all means being prepared for adventure!

There are different categories from 30K to 100K. Registration is open until February 28, 2019.

As it is physically highly-demanding, competitors much prove good health with a medical certificate.



There are many ways to enjoy Chilean Patagonia. The three activities we tell you about in this blog offer the opportunity to live a different experience in southern Chile. Firstly, because they include sport and healthy living, and secondly because they take place at a time of the year when there are not so many tourists.

Although the climate may be more hostile, visitors can still marvel at the region’s beauty.

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