July 16 2020

3 reasons to sail the Patagonian fjords by ferry


If you want to discover unique corners during your trip in Patagonia, see native flora and fauna and sense an authentic journey, the Navimag ferry is for you. Here’s how to get on board.

Patagonia attracts hundreds of thousands of people a year, above all to watch the penguins at the Los Pingüinos nature reserve and to visit the Torres del Paine National Park

If you want to visit these attractions but also see the wonders that most visitors miss, in which channels and fjords create unique, memorable landscapes, a ferry trip in Patagonia is for you. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It’s an experience to sail through Patagonia

The Navimag ferry takes a different route through Patagonian channels and fjords from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and vice versa.

The journey takes 4 days and 3 nights when departing from Puerto Montt -or 4 nights and 3 days when sailing from Puerto Natales- and shows you natural treasures that can only be seen from the deck that hardly feature in travel guides.

When you sail from Puerto Montt and with good Patagonian weather on your side, you will see sea channels, the Calbuco volcano, the Gulf of Ancud, and the Gulf of Corcovado. You will go past the charming village of Puerto Edén, steeped in history, where the descendants of Kawéskar indigenous peoples still live, and you will see other attractions on your way to Puerto Natales.

Also, if you want to feel that Patagonia is yours, a ferry trip allows you to get away from the routine and make a real connection with nature.

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2. You see the flora and fauna in their natural state

If you’re an adventurer that wants to learn about wildlife in your visits, and if the weather allows, you’ll see marine animals like dolphins, whales and penguins and birds such as the petrel and the albatross in their natural habitat.

Apart from watching where these animals live from the ferry, you’ll learn about local sea life, birdlife, geography and the route that you’re travelling from the onboard classes we give our passengers. Activities like these allow you to learn even more while you learn more about Patagonia’s nature and history.

3. You share with other travelers like you 

Sailing by ferry is an authentic slow travel experience; whether alone or accompanied, you can disconnect from the demands of the routine and enjoy the views at a slow pace.

Other people from different countries, cultures and realities, as well as the locals, prefer the ferry because they share with others and experience something difficult to replicate elsewhere. This is one of the aspects that Navimag passengers appreciate the most.

Whether photographing the fascinating views that this trip offers, doing yoga while sailing through Patagonian waters or waiting for one of your meals in the restaurant, you’ll live an unbeatable social experience. 

Learn also how a ferry trip helps you live that Alternative trip in Patagonia that you are looking for.

Ready, set, let's ferry!

If you want an original and authentic trip that takes you off the beaten track and through another side of Patagonia, this is the journey for you. 

When making plans, make sure to include the ferry and the Patagonian Fjords Route. Starting in 2021, you’d be able to sail onboard “Esperanza,” our new and more comfortable ferry.

6 requirements to board the Esperanza ferry

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