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The Torres del Paine National Park has a wide variety of spectacular natural scenery: mountains, valleys, rivers (such as the Paine River), lakes (especially the turquoise lakes Grey, Pehoé, Nordenskjöld, and Sarmiento) and glaciers (Grey, Pingo, Tyndall, and Geikie, all part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field).

Flora and Fauna of Torres del Paine

In the Torres del Paine National Park there is Pre-Andean shrub land on the river and lake banks; Magellanic forest; Magellanic tundra; and high elevation vegetation above the tree line. Among the fauna, there are around 100 species of bird, including Condor, Eagle, Black-necked swan, Flamingo, Spectacled duck, Black woodpecker, Kingfisher, Patagonian sierra finch, Diuca finch, and Rufous-collared sparrow. Among the mammals are Puma, Huemul (an endangered native deer species), Guanaco, Grey fox, Andean fox, and Skunk.

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