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Punta Arenas is some 3,090 kilometers south of Santiago de Chile and is the largest city in the Magellanes region as well as being the southernmost city in the world. It is the supply port for the growing bi-oceanic traffic. The thriving nature of the city can be seen in its streets, markets and plazas.

Flora and Fauna of Punta Arenas

Some of the species of wildlife that can be found around Punta Arenas are the Puma, the Condor, the Ñandue (small rhea), Orca, Piche or Dwarf Armadillo, Magellanic Penguin, Upland Geese and Huemul. Among the flora we can find the Magellanic Coigue, Nirre, Cypress of the Guaitecas, Calafate and Chilco. 

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