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The Perito Moreno glacier is a thick mass of ice located in the department of Lago Argentino, part of Santa Cruz Province, in the Patagonia region of southwest Argentina. This glacier flows down from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. As it descends, it reaches the southern arm of Lago Argentino. The glacier face is 5 km wide, with a height of 60 m above water level.

Flora and Fauna of Perito Monero

The flora of the Perito Moreno National Park has three clearly defined sectors:  the steppe, a stunted forest consisting mainly of ñirre and lenga, and an old growth forest.  Among the fauna, notable species include the pampas cat, the kodkod or huiña cat, small grey fox, guanaco, puma, mountain cat, red fox, dwarf armadillo or piche, huron, Patagonia hog-nose skunk or zorrino, tucu-tucu rodent, huemul and the southern rabbit-like rodent variously known as the pilquín, chinchillón anaranjado or vizcacha de las sierras. Among the birds are the hooded grebe, the peregrine falcon, seed snipes, condors, eagles, diuca- finch, flamingos, and several species of wild goose and duck.

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