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Route 40 is an Argentinian highway running from Cabo Vírgenes, in Santa Cruz province, Patagonia, to the border with Bolivia in the city of La Quiaca, in Jujuy province. It runs parallel to the Cordillera de los Andes (Andes mountain range), with many sections running through or near national parks. It is Argentina’s longest highway and it runs in a north-south direction, passing through many of the country’s most interesting areas.

Climate of Ruta 40

In the southern sections of Route 40, the climate is arid with low temperatures almost all year round and with winds that blow from the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures vary greatly throughout the year and rainfall is low, generally falling in autumn and winter. Mean annual temperature is between 5 and 10° C, ranging in January from 12° to 20°C and in July from -15° to -7°C.

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