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Puerto Chacabuco is the main port of Aysén Region as well as being the region’s most important point of access. It is located about 15 km from Puerto Aysén and has a population of nearly 1,600 inhabitants. The economy is mainly based on fishing, marine farming, and increasingly, on tourism, especially ecotourism and sport fishing. Puerto Chacabuco is the maritime hub of Aysén Region in the northern part of Chilean Patagonia, as it is here where cargo ships, cruise ships, and catamarans pull in, mainly arriving from the city of Puerto Montt, 750 kilometers to the north.

Climate in Puerto Chacabuco

The climate of Puerto Chacabuco has a cool temperate rainforest climate, characterized by constant rain and humidity and low temperatures. The average temperature ranges between 7° and 9° C and rainfall is constant and uniform.

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