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What to Wear for Your Patagonia Adventures

Published on Thu, Dec 20, 2012 | 15:10:42 | 0 comments

For your Patagonia adventures to be a comfortable experience, it is up to you to pack the right clothing. While you’re onboard you want to be warm and cozy at all times or if you happen to take a walk with us through Patagonia’s beautiful wilderness, you want to be prepared. Water proof attire, warm sportswear, and good walking shoes are essential items to pack for your stay onboard Navimag Ferries in Chile.

Water Proof Gear – The climate in Patagonia is continuously fluctuating, and you never know when a storm might hit. Just because it decides to rain this doesn’t mean that your vacation has to be ruined. A supply of water proof gear will take care of any wet weather that may come your way.

In addition to the weather, you may have a route in which you will disembark from Puerto Eden. For your walk through nature you want to make sure that you are comfortable; a good pair of water proof boots or walking shoes, a jacket, and a hat are the perfect items to pack in your suitcase.

Gear you can move in- We all own pieces of clothing that are not the most comfortable thing to move freely in. However, for your trip avoid putting this in your luggage. You want to pack apparel that will keep you warm, and clothes that will allow you to move around care free and comfortably.

All about the shoes – Due to the fact that you may be doing a little bit of walking, you need a shoe that will give your feet the support you need. We recommend that you prepare for you trip by packing away water proof boots or sneakers. This is imperative because you need something that is going to give you a stable hold to the ground, and the last thing you want is to have your walk through nature ruined by aching feet.

Remembering these tips will ensure that you have the best time possible during your many Patagonia adventures. Live all the moments of your vacation like they are your last, and leave with memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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