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Patagonia Tours: Explore Paradise

Published on Fri, Dec 07, 2012 | 14:56:53 | 0 comments

Patagonia is a hidden paradise. It’s located at the southern end of South America alongside Argentina and Chile. Some of the most untouched, idyllic landscapes are right there to be walked and viewed in the awe that they deserve: the Andes Mountains, the Pacific Ocean and a number of incredible beaches, the Valdivia territory through to the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, a magnificent group of islands.

There is far too much to capture in Patagonia to try and do it alone. You’re certainly welcome to try, but Patagonia tours will show and educate you on the vast and amazing culture and history of this wondrous region without you doing all the work. Sail along the Southern Ice Fields in high season and discover icebergs, like Amalia, Brujo Glacier and the Pío XI – South American’s largest free floating ice structure.

Visit the picturesque city of Puerto Natales, which offers the opportunity to explore the Bernardo O’Higgins and Torres del Paine National Parks. With a lovely shore view, expect a restful and memorable day. Only accessible by sea, enjoy Puerto Eden’s coasts and browse the boardwalks. The only way to fully experience these adventures is by booking Patagonia tours.

We have a unique four day program that traverses the route of Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales. You will have the time of your life as we sail the Patagonia fjords, passing through the Reloncaví Estuary and the Ancud Gulf. End the first day witnessing the gorgeous Corcovado Gulf sunset.

Over the course of the four day tour, look forward to thrilling and interesting sails across the Costa and Errázuriz channels. Learn about the surrounding forests and get a glimpse of the wild birds and seals, or tonina (dolphin). Get a close look at the Capitán Leonidas, a grounded cargo ship sitting on a semi-sunken islet.

Wake up sailing and go to bed with unforgettable memories

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